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RISK STATEMENT  It must be recognised that water sports by their nature are unpredictable sport and therefore inherently involves an element of risk. By taking part in the SUP Activity event, you agree and acknowledge that: (i)  You are aware of the inherent element of risk involved in the sport Stand Up Paddlesport (SUP), and you accept responsibility exposing yourself to such inherent risk whilst taking part; (ii) You will comply at all times with the instructions of the Heron & Hush Organiser and /or session leaders / particularly with regard to instructions for leaving & returning to the bank, launching and recovery (as relevant), using the equipment, wearing of buoyancy aids, and the wearing of suitable clothing in particular footwear for the conditions;   (iii) You accept responsibility for any injury, damage or loss to the extent caused by your own negligence; (iv) You will not participate in the SUP activity whilst your ability to take part is impaired by alcohol, drugs or whilst otherwise unfit to participate; (v) The provision of supervision by Heron & Hush Organiser is limited to such assistance, as can be practically provided in the circumstances.   CANCELLATION You understand that instructors from Heron & Hush may cancel or postpone the SUP Event at any stage in the event of bad weather, equipment failure or otherwise. Cancellation made by the participant must be made 48 hours in advance, less than 48 hours and the session may be moved at the organisers discretion but will not be refunded. MISCONDUCT You understand that the organisers / Heron & Hush Instructors may ask anyone who refuses to comply with these Booking Terms or who misconducts themselves in any way or who causes damage or annoyance to other persons to leave the session at a suitable opportunity.   Heron & Hush & The Kingfisher Riverside Pub and rooms will not accept any liability for any damage to or loss of property belonging to Members, their guests or visitors to the site   Heron and Hush SUP Instructors, do not accept responsibility for any loss, damage or injury suffered by persons and / or their property arising out of or during the session / course of their activities whilst participating / training and / or coaching and / or instructing unless such injury, loss or damage was caused by, or resulted from negligence or deliberate act. ​ As Organisers we have a legal duty of care to participants and this booking form provides some information about Blue-Green Algae and Weil’s disease that may or may not be present in or around the waterways. We would ask you not to be alarmed about the information.  However, it would irresponsible if we did not point out certain risks.  Blue-Green Algae Is common with most inland water.  Blue-green algae are not a new phenomenon, having been present since fossil times, but hot weather and the growth of nutrients have caused an increase in the number of algae, particularly at the edges of shallow water. There are many forms of algae and some are potentially toxic. Fortunately, the exercise of a few simple precautions reduces the risk to an entirely acceptable level. – Trying not to swallow water if you fall in, showering after full immersions and washing hands before eating. Weil's Disease is spread by rats, and the growth of the rat population has caused inland waters, surrounded by their nesting sites, to contain the organism responsible. The organism enters the body through cuts and abrasions or through the nose and throat. The incubation period is 7-13 days, and symptoms include fever, muscular pains and loss of appetite - rather like flu. Once again prevention is a relatively simple matter, but the condition must be recognised and if flu-like symptoms are experienced 1-2 weeks after water sport activities then a doctor should be seen. It is unsafe to assume that it is flu and you should inform the doctor what you have been doing so that the right antibiotics can be given. Local health authorities by law must notify the Health & Safety service about contractions of Weil’s disease. To our knowledge there has never been a contraction of Weil's disease in Bedford from those taking part in water sports.   DATA PROTECTION The information given by you on this form will be used by us to process your attendance at the SUP event.    PHOTOGRAPHY - We may take photographs and video footage of the SUP event for use by us in connection with the promotion of us and our activities. ​

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