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(This includes activity organised by the Air Cadets, Heron & Hush, Edusports and Just Paddle)

Dear participant  

We are currently living in very uncertain times with Coronavirus (Covid-19) and whilst we would like get back to normality we are certainly not back to anything like normality yet.

We want to return to paddling from Priory but it is very important that we work and play within certain safety boundaries; some of which are of course law and have regulations attached to them.

To ensure that we are all as safe as possible at the Priory Water Sports Centre and to enjoy the activities we can offer, we have agreed certain parameters with our partners in the facility - Priory Sailing Club. This will help us comply with the law and the various regulations and help ensure everyone’s wellbeing.  Priory Sailing Club  have been trailing this very successfully for a few weeks now and it’s very important to ensure that we also set the high standards expected of us.

You will be asked to sign a participation statement from your instructor or coach that states you have read, understood and have agreed to the following rules.

  1. You must not come to the Water Sports Centre if you have Covid-19 symptoms. In addition, if you have had contact with anyone who is unwell with the symptoms of Covid-19, you should not attend the Water Sports Centre for a minimum of 14 days.

  2. You should not come to the Water Sports Centre if you have been contacted by the NHS test and trace service because you have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19

  3. Social distancing must be practiced at all times, on and off the water. Additionally we should avoid touching other people’s equipment; if manual handling of your SUP Board, canoe or kayak presents you with a problem then your instructor/coach will help you.

  4. Caution is required when launching / recovering your equipment so that social distancing can be maintained. Please be considerate to the needs of others when using these areas.

  5. Although we can use the lake and river, the Water Sports Centre building is closed; this means there are no changing or showering facilities on site for your use. You may decide to get changed at home before coming – please be discreet if you are changing in the car park!

  6. The downstairs toilet is available; please follow the instructions provided to keep it clean. This area must not be used as a changing room (It’s against the law).

  7. Caution will be required if you are opening and closing the main gate; the use of gloves and /or hand sanitizer should be considered. The gate should remain closed to avoid casual visits by other Park users.

  8. The lake is open to enable you to exercise and take part in activity. Unfortunately, at the moment it’s not possible to socialise before or after your session at the venue. i.e. please don’t come for a picnic or BBQ and please do not use our picnic benches..

  9. The grounds are closed to non-participants, if you are being dropped off, or someone is waiting for you then they should leave the water sports centre grounds and only return at the end of your session. Please remember social distancing at all times.

The Priory Water Sports Association - Management Team will not hesitate to stop paddle sport activity should these rules not be adhered to. 

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