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REDy, Set, Paddle with a Pal for RED January 2021

For me and so many of you, Paddleboarding is the ultimate exercise for both body and mind. The feeling of calm and space to disconnect from the daily grind, to completely immerse yourself in nature, nurtures your mental wellbeing as much as it does your physical health.

We already kicked off our fundraising for RED January 2021 in December 2020 with our Festive Fancy Dress SUP! (All be it different from how it was planned!) Unable to get together as we were thrust into Tier 4, all of our lovely donaters due on the paddle, either got dressed up and went for their own paddle or got their Chrimbo gear on at home, grabbed their paddles and sent us in a photo! We even had two gorgeous SUP pups join in too!!

Yup, we know, we may be a little biased but we think Heron and Hush paddlers are the absolute best! But don't take our word for it, take a look for yourself!

SOOOOOOO....With January fast approaching after our Festive fundraiser, we realised that our RED January paddle as we knew it, would need to happen a little differently this time...

RED alert! As we had learnt over the last year, things don’t always turn out the way we plan! We would have loved to do this years RED-y, Set, paddle for RED January as a group (still adhering to Covid restrictions regarding numbers of course) but this seemed increasingly unlikely. We needed a new plan for RED Jan!.... and so we grabbed our paddles and asked everyone on board, with a friend!

'RED-y, Set, Paddle with a Pal for RED January' Paddle with one of your SUP buddies on any day (or multiple days!) throughout January, wear something RED, use the time to catch-up and unload whilst getting active for better mental health, donate £5 (or whatever you can afford) using this link and tag @redjanuaryuk @sportinmind and @heronandhush in all your lovely photos on Instagram and Facebook

We can still be #REDTogether

If anyone in Bedford needs a paddle pal for the fundraiser, shoot me a message using the chat box, I’m happy to paddle 1:1 (socially distanced) with any / all of you for such a great cause and will also donate for every paddle

About the Campaign

RED January empowers people to support their mental health with physical activity, in partnership with Sport in Mind, the UK's mental health and sports charity.

About the Charity

Sport in Mind is the UK charity that uses sport and physical activity to transform the lives of people experiencing mental health problems.

Some of our local rivers are still high and have strong flow, please ensure if you are taking part that you have the correct safety equipment, skills and knowledge and only paddle within your ability. If in doubt DON’T paddle out, we have the whole month, so be safe. Please ensure you adhere to Covid restriction guidelines for your area.

Thanking you in advance for you SUPport!

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