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What should i wear / bring to my session?

  • Wear comfortable clothes appropriate for the weather! Leggings /Joggers / t-shirt / hoodie

  • Trainers or wet-shoes if you have them. NO DENIM! Bring a towel and a change of clothes (Just in case you take a dip!)

Will i fall in? 

  • As with all Watersports, there is always a chance you could get wet! There’s nothing wrong with wanting to make a splash! 

  • Don't worry, we will be there to give you instruction and tips to help you stay on your feet but should you take a dip, you'll be well-prepared from our land-based instruction to get yourself back on your board. 


Will there changing facilities available?

  • Yes! There are changing facilities available for you to use at The Kingfisher. 

What is the minimum age for children to participate? 

  • Children 8 years and up can paddle with us

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