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Plastic Patrol - Update

'We have a responsibility to look after our planet. It's our only home' ~ Dalai Lama

October 2019 saw the first Heron & Hush and BCA hosted Plastic Patrol event. We are passionate about keeping our stunning local waterways clean and to help in the quest for a future without single use materials and pollution. With our passion for paddleboarding, these clean-ups provide the perfect opportunity to get people out on the water and trying different paddlesports while tackling and tracking litter locally and globally using the Plastic Patrol App

We did have a scheduled date for our first 2020 Plastic Patrol clean up, unfortunately, this was cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions. Heron and Hush, along with the Bedford Canoe Association and its affiliates, are currently awaiting local council clearance that litter picking events can continue in Bedford and we will be organising and releasing our dates for these as soon as we are able. Please keep a look out under our Events section and on our social media pages as well as on the Plastic Patrol website.

Head on over to Plastic Patrol to see other ways you can help and to find and join a clean up.

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